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Easter and Spring

Easter: A Celebration of Renewal and Rebirth

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, which usually falls between March 22 and April 25. For Christians, Easter is the most important holiday of the year, as it commemorates the event that forms the basis of their faith.

But Easter is more than just a religious holiday. It is also a celebration of spring and renewal. In many cultures, eggs and bunnies are associated with Easter, representing new life and fertility. These symbols have their roots in pagan traditions that predate Christianity, but they have been incorporated into the Christian celebration of Easter over time.

One of the most recognizable symbols of Easter is the egg. Eggs have been associated with fertility and rebirth since ancient times, and many cultures have incorporated them into their springtime celebrations. In Christianity, eggs represent the empty tomb of Jesus after his resurrection. They are often dyed or decorated and given as gifts or used in Easter egg hunts.

Another symbol of Easter is the bunny or rabbit. In many cultures, these animals represent fertility and new life, as they are known for their ability to reproduce quickly. In Christianity, the bunny is often associated with the resurrection of Jesus, as it is believed to emerge from its underground burrow just as Jesus emerged from his tomb.

Of course, no Easter celebration would be complete without flowers! Tulips and lilies are two popular choices, with lilies symbolizing purity, hope, and new beginnings, while tulips represent perfect love. At ATX Flowers, we love creating beautiful Easter floral arrangements that incorporate these lovely blooms, as well as other spring mix flowers. Our florists are passionate about their craft and take great care to ensure that each arrangement is perfect for the occasion.

The history of Easter goes back thousands of years, and its traditions have evolved over time. Today, Easter is celebrated in many different ways around the world, with customs and traditions that vary from region to region. In some places, the holiday is a solemn religious observance, while in others it is a joyous celebration of spring and new beginnings.

Whether you observe Easter for religious or cultural reasons, it is a time to reflect on the themes of renewal and rebirth that are central to this holiday. It is a time to appreciate the beauty of spring, to spend time with loved ones, and to celebrate the miracle of life that surrounds us. So this Easter, let's come together and celebrate this special occasion with beautiful flowers from ATX Flowers.

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Partner with Doordash and UberEat

At ATX Flowers, we understand that quality is key when it comes to expressing your love and affection on Valentine's Day. That's why we are dedicated to providing only the best quality flowers to our customers.

Our premium flowers are sourced directly from the finest flower farms across the world, including Hawaii, Ecuador, Chile, UK, and South America. Our experienced florists carefully select and arrange each bouquet to perfection, ensuring that your Valentine's Day gift is as beautiful and fresh as possible.

In addition to our focus on quality, ATX Flowers is also committed to convenience. We partner with DoorDash and UberEats to deliver your bouquet quickly and directly to your doorstep, so you can enjoy the beauty and freshness of your flowers for as long as possible.

Your now might order your same flowers from DoorDash APP.

At ATX Flowers, we believe that quality and convenience are the key to a perfect Valentine's Day gift. So why settle for anything less than the best? Choose ATX Flowers for your Valentine's Day flowers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your gift will be of the highest quality and delivered quickly and directly to your doorstep.

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A number of roes meanings(玫瑰花语汉语和英语)

As old superstitions fade and Emily Post-like etiquette evolves, you're probably not counting the number of roses or orchids or hydrangeas you received yesterday. But the number of roses a man once gave a woman held hidden meanings, so check out what your Valentine either intentionally or, more likely, unintentionally told you.
One rose: Love at first sight, or years later "you are still the one."你是我的唯一。(一见钟情)
Two roses: Mutual love and affection . 世界上只有你和我.  so you may owe him two roses!
Three roses: The traditional three-month anniversary gift also simply means "I love you."(我爱你!)
Six roses: Infatuation, or "I want to be yours."。由衷欣赏!
Nine roses: A big jump up from six, nine roses symbolize eternal love or "I want to be with you forever."互敬,互爱,互谅,长相守、坚定。
10 roses: A perfect 10 means "You are perfection."十心十意,十全十美,无懈可击!
12 roses: A dozen is like picking the best heart from a Sweetheart candy box, it means "Be Mine."爱你一生一世!
13 roses: Thirteen may be a baker's dozen, but not so in love. Its meaning is actually disputed: Teleflora says it means you'll be friends forever, but several other sources, like Love Letter Box, say it means you have a secret admirer.暗恋。友谊长存!
15 roses: Does he have a reason to apologize? Because 15 roses means "I'm sorry." If not, take it as credit for future remorse.歉意!
20 roses: The red starts to get excessive around 20, and supposedly that means "Believe me, I am sincere toward you." Usually, sincerity does not need to be proved with quantity, but that's just me!此情不渝,永远爱你!
People send more than 20. See what they mean below.
21 roses: "I am dedicated to you" is the hidden meaning behind 21 roses. I am going to bet this was once popular among cheaters looking to be taken back.真诚的爱!
24 roses: If one dozen says "Be Mine," two dozen says "I'm Yours." Be careful, he could be yours whether you want it or not.思念、纯洁的爱,扶持及鼓励!
25 roses: Are you pregnant? Did you just get a promotion? Have you not killed the fish he gave you for Christmas? Because 25 roses simply means "Congratulations."
36 roses: Three dozen not only says "big spender," but it also says "I'm head over heels in love" or "I will remember our romantic moments."我的爱只留给你!
40 roses: Forty roses say what 10, 20, or 30 can't: "My love for you is genuine."誓死不渝的爱情
50+ roses: Fifty and beyond can mean a few things, and they're all big and boisterous. Traditionally, they mean my love, like my wallet, knows no bounds.无悔的爱!
100 roses: No mater 100 year,I only want to geting old with you!白头偕老、百年好合。
101 roes: Your are the only one,I want! 唯一的爱!
108 roes: Will you merry me!求婚!
111 roes: The love nevery end!无尽的爱
123 roes: Freedom love!爱情自由、自由之恋。

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Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day  Idea For 2019.

There has never a way to say thank you enough to your mom who gives you the life and attention every day.

1. A Phone Call (simply give your mother a call it will do nicely.

2. Visiting her and spelling an afternoon with her.

3. A hand makes a little gift. (DIY)

4. Take her out with to do an event together, Like join a cooking school; Dance even; Hiking, it going to be so much fun.

5. Give her flowers arrangements.  We know she will very much enjoy flowers.

ATX Flowers offering same day hand delivery to Austin Texas. Call 512-586-9138 best service in town.

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." "flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." "Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." "Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower."


Please check out our Monther's day collations 



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Why a Local Flower Shop is Best

What can go wrong when you order flowers online from a big-name third party?

Suppose you order an arrangement that should have eight roses, five—six stargazer lilies, eight—twelve carnations and many filler chrysanthemums. But instead, your recipient gets a crappy bouquet with three roseszero lillies, eight carnations, and only some chrysanthemums, three of which were broken off at the stem.

Unfortunately, this happens to many customers. And it happens because of third-party online floral ordering services like FTD, Just Flowers, 1-800 Flowers, and Teleflorist.

How Do FTD, Just Flowers, 1-800 Flowers, and Teleflorist Work?

First, these websites are not connected to their own store that services customers. All work is done by local florists, who must pay an annual member fee of $1800—$3500!

When a local flower shop gets the order it receives only 90%—70% of the customer's payment. When combined with the annual fee, this leaves little money left to buy and arrange the flowers.


  1. Customer orders a $100 arrangement from a third-party ordering service.
  2. Of the payment, 10%—20% is fees, reducing product payment to $80.
  3. The local shop receives this, then keeps a profit of 10%—20%, leaving about $72.
  4. Then, about 5%—10% is lost due to the annual member fee, leaving about $60.
  5. Now, the local florist still might subtract $10—$15 for third-party delivery, leaving about $50.
  6. Employees must be paid also, leaving only about $30.

In the end, a floral designer can only add about $30 worth of flowers for this $100 order (about a third of which would belong the third-party floral service in the above example).

With only one-third the money left to use, a local flower shop has no choice but to cut corners, or they lose money by working with a third-party ordering service.

So, please get a better arrangement—support local flower shops!

Two Ways to Find Local Flower Shops

A common way:

  1. Google "local flowers" and call the telephone number of any local flower shop.

A better way:

  1. Go to yellowpages.com.
  2. Search for "flowers" at the location you need (more accurate than Google).
  3. Go to website of (or call) the local flower shop. They will take good care with you.

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Preserved Flowers in Austin Texas

ATX Flowers brings you the gift of enjoying this beauty during all seasons. This Valentine's Day, buy flowers that last "forever".

Now you can order preserved flowers from ATX Flowers floral shop at Austin Texas. Our beautiful roses preserving can last as long as three years or more under correct conditions and proper care. Preserved roses are natural roses that undergo different conditions to allow preservation, without jeopardizing the rose’s natural beauty. Buy preserve roses in this Valentines, day. Make her Roses special! Please Schedule in advance.

Preserved flowers are a perfect option for long-lasting, beautiful arrangements without using silks. Each flower undergoes a special and intricate process to preserve the quality and integrity of the petals which are then dyed with rich and outstanding colors.We offer delivery sevrice, all preserve flowers please notice need schedule in advance. We make sure we delivery the day you want to delivery. ATX Flowers is here to help and make the wonderful day!

A rose always makes an impression. But when it's a beautifully preserved rose, captured at its peak of perfection, it's certain to create memories that never fade. A preserved roses Available in red, lavender, pink ,yellow, black, or white as a single rose or a set of two, it's perfect for thank you gifts, decorating dinner parties or adding romantic ambiance. Order online or call us. Take order now and delivery the day you need. We offer same day delivery all around Austin Texas, and you also can purchase fresh floral arrangements for us. We have happy birthday, get well, just because, love and romance, sympathy and funeral, new baby, holiday and wedding also valentine's day flowers arrangements.

Browse our complete Valentine's collection

What are the correct conditions and proper care for Preserved Rose?

Do not add water
Do not refrigerate
Use Indoors Only
No Direct Sunlight

To ensure lasting enjoyment, the roses should be kept away from areas of high humidity, water, direct sunlight and refrigeration.

Please go to proper care link to find how to keep them beautiful. They are natural roses and flowers treated with a proprietary technique and cannot be placed into water, refrigeration or high humidity ambient. Room temperature 65 to 75 F is the appropriate temperature for them also we recommend indoor use only.

How are preserved roses shipped?

We usually ship our products with UPS, FedEx or DHL. Our choice of carriers can vary depending on customer’s locations and global situations. We also have same day delivery with our driver.

What is the return policy of ATX Flowers?

We accept returns of products in original packaging and in perfect conditions. No returns will be accepted later than 5 days after delivery.

Preservation Flowers History

Follow information about Preserve flowers from wikipedia:

Flower preservation is as early as the history of man, although deliberate flower preservation is a more recent phenomenon. In the Middle East, the bones of pre-historic man were discovered with delicate wild flowers probably as a tribute to a passing loved one. Evidence of deliberate use of specific flowers is indicated by the pollen grains that were present. Brightly colored and vivid flowers were also found in Egyptian tombs. These flowers were approximated to be 4,000 years old. In the sixteenth century medicinal nosegays began to give way to ornamental ones. Flowers essentially started to be used for decorative purposes such as jewels, fans and gloves. During the Elizabethan Age the once familiar ruff was replaced by soft lacy collars, and bosom flowers also became popular. Out of the Victorian era grew the fascination of communicating with flowers carried in the nosegays. The idea of the Language of Flowers developed, when it was decided that giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers, when the flowers themselves carry a meaning, gives much greater pleasure.


Hot air drying in drying chamber

Compact flowers like marigolds, chrysanthemums, cornflowers and zinnias dry well in a fan-assisted, convection chamber. Non-ventilated chambers are not appropriate, because they generate too much moisture. The material must be dried at a low temperature (30-35˚Celsius), over many hours. The flowers are slotted through holes in a wire mesh rack leaving room for the stems to dangle below. The time required depends upon the density of the flowers.

Silica gel drying

Another trend is silica gel. Its initial cost is greater than that of borax-sand or borax-cornmeal combinations, but silica gel can be used over and over for many years. Silica gel dries flowers quickly, so it can be used to dry more flowers during a single season than the same quantity of a borax mixture. Silica gel is available under a number of trade names. It is white, but some types contain blue crystals that act as an indicator of the amount of moisture that has been absorbed. When these crystals are clear blue, the material is dry. As moisture is absorbed from the flowers, the crystals gradually turn pink. At that point, it is time to re-dry the crystals before using them again. To dry the material, silica gel is spread on open pans or cookie sheets in a layer ½ to ¾ inch thick. Materials to be preserved are then baked in an oven at 250˚Celsius for about an hour, or until the moisture-indicating crystals, if present, are blue again. Material is then stirred several times while drying. Flowers dried in silica gel must be placed in airtight containers. If a container is not sealed tightly, the silica gel absorbs moisture from the air, and flowers dry too slowly or not at all. A candy tin, plastic container, coffee can, large-mouth jar or any other container with a tight-fitting lid may be used. If no containers with tight lids are available, loose tops should be sealed with tape. Silica gel is especially useful for drying fragile plants and flowers with delicate colors. Flowers that dry best in silica gel are allium, anemone, cornflower, roses, tulip and zinnia. 

Molecular sieve

Molecular sieve is a material containing tiny pores of a precise and uniform size that is used as an absorbent for gases and liquids. They are metal alumino silicates which have a crystalline structure consisting of an assembly of tetrahedral. The tetrahedral are made up of 4 oxygen atoms which occupy the summits surrounding either 1 silicon atom or an aluminium atom placed in the center. Compensating cations (sodium, potassium) make the hole electrically neutral. The hole forms an assembly of small cells (or pores) of uniform and known size, in which a molecule of smaller size can be trapped by the phenomenon known as absorption. To ensure the dehydration of the fresh natural flowers the mixture of organic solvents is poured onto the hole until the level exceeds the level of the flowers by about 2 cm. The water molecules are progressively absorbed into the small cells or pores of the molecular sieve. The receptacle is closed hermetically for a few days. Once dried, the flower reabsorbs a little moisture of atmospheric origin, and this increases its suppleness and its plasticity.

As molecular sieve relates to the long-term preservation and treatment of cut flowers for long duration, (i.e. continually maintaining their decorative properties ), Vermont Flowers has been using this method of preserving flowers instead of the traditional silica gel more than 20 years ago. The advantage was a much more professional regeneration of the molecular sieves. Flowers which are particularly suitable for such a treatment are roses, peonies, camellias, marigolds, globe flowers, orchids, dahlias, carnations, phloxes, summer chrysanthemums, hollyhocks, and the like, and other species with many petals or a fairly rigid structure.

Freeze drying

Originally introduced in 1813 by William Hyde Wollaston to the Royal Society in London, it was not until the late 80's the freeze-drying industry discovered the allurement and longevity of freeze-dried flowers. Freeze dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been specially dried to preserve their natural shape and color. Freeze drying is accomplished by a process called sublimation. It requires a special freeze-drying machine. It involves first freezing the flowers at 100K for at least 12 hours. A vacuum pump slowly pulls the moisture out of the flowers as a vapor in one chamber, and then the vapor condenses as ice in another chamber. Because of this process, the shape and natural color of the flower is maintained. It has been found that certain flowers retain their color well despite the fact they have been freeze-dried. Apparently, such flowers retain their color due to the tissue composition of the petals, leaves, and the like. Carnations, African violets, roses, asparagus and other ferns, and baby's breath exhibit good color retention notwithstanding the dehydration during the freeze-drying process. Those floral pieces which either dull or fade from dehydration may be given color by utilization of a florist's spray tint. This spray coloring restores the lost color which, in the sealed environment of the glass container of the final product, retains its given color along with the natural color of the other pieces.

Vermont process

In 1989, Paul and Ginette Lambert who were then based in France conducted a new research invented and patented the Vermont Process, which is a unique technology of preserving Roses and Flowers that leave the flowers looking natural by maintaining their original shape and brightness, but for the first time also suppleness. Preservation of flowers involves a careful selection of the desired flower varieties which are grown and hand-picked by specially contracted farms then delivered to the factory for further sorting, grading and finally processing. Preservation of foliage again involves the careful identification and selection of appropriate foliage which are then grown and supplied by specially contracted growers. Once delivered to the factory, the foliage are ‘Eternised’ which is a process of absorption into the foliages with a solution of glycerine, colorants and activators. Once eternised, the foliages are soft and supple until when they are ready for making various arrangements and bouquets. The preserved flowers and foliage are then combined together with other components to make uniquely hand-made and beautiful bouquets, topiaries, architectural sculptures, wall art, lampshades and many more arrangements as designed by a team of internationally recognized floral and interior decor designers. The finished product is meant to last for years if appropriately cared for by keeping it away from direct sunlight, intense heat and water. If need be, one should only gently dust it.

Keep Austin Flowered!

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