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Happy Easter Flowers

Easter flowers and their colors play an important role in representing deep traditional and religious values. A pleasant visual reminder of the roots of the holiday.

Beginning with Lent, the most common color used in arrangements is purple. You can find this color in churches across the world. The purple signifying the return of the messiah. The color purple was common in Jewish temples and on the priest's robes.

During Bible times, purple was considered a precious dye. Kings and royalty commonly sought it out because it was so costly to make. Roman soldiers placed a purple robe on Christ before his crucifixion, as a mockery to his claim of being the son of god.

The primary colors for Easter day are white and gold. The magnificent white lily known as the Easter Lily has long been as a symbol of purity, hope, innocence and peace. Also called the Bermuda lily, the Trumpet lily, and Jacob's Tears, the Easter lily is a Biblical flower commonly associated with the resurrection of Christ.Throughout the Bible, white represents purity and godliness. From angels in white to traditional church attire and architecture, white has been used to represent the pure essence of God. Gold is used to represent the inheritances and riches that Christians will receive when they get to heaven, their eternal home. A home that God promised them if they believe in Christ's resurrection and future return.

Pastels are a common color scheme for Easter as they represent the colors of spring and new life.

Other Common easter flowers are, Tulips, baby's breath, daisies, irises, hyacinth, and roses. Find your happy easter flowers here. ATX Flowers Are Happy here happyly prepare and keeping  Austin bloom.

All tulips symbolize passion, belief and love, but white tulips represent forgiveness and purple tulips represent royalty. Baby's Breaths flowers are delicate representing the Holy Spirit. Daisies symbolize the innocence of baby Christ. Irises symbolize peace of mind. Hyacinths represent peace of mind. Finally, the 5 petals of the old-fashioned wild roses represent the five wounds of Christ; red representing Christ's blood for the forgiveness of sins and white representing purity and innocence.


Easter is a great time to participate in a long time tradition with beautiful flower arrangements remembering the real reason of the holiday. This year sent your love one some interesting eggs basket.

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