1000 Roses Propose Room Set Up

$9,999.99 $8,999.99

Brand: ATX Flowers

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Fulfill her wildest dreams with the most extravagant, most passionate, most romantic gift you’ve ever sent – 1,000 roses (that’s more than 80 dozen)! Every corner of the room will be blooming with the richest, most radiant, long-stemmed red roses she’s ever seen. And to make the day even more romantic, we will also include the petals of another dozen roses. Use them to create a path to the 1,000 Roses surprise, or sprinkle them on the bed or in a candlelit bath for two. She’ll LOVE it, and we guarantee it will be a gift neither of you will ever forget.

  • Stem length: 20″ – 24″
  • Stem count: 1,000
  • Also includes the rose petals from an additional dozen red roses design on vases.